Science teacher sustains fractures in bike accident

Chronicle Staff

Science teacher Walt Werner returned to school with a walker Friday. He was hospitalized after sustaining fractures to his hip and clavicle after he was sideswiped by a car while riding his bike near his Mar Vista home Jan. 28.

“Hopefully I’ll be pretty much back to normal in six weeks, eight weeks,” Werner said.

Werner hasn’t had too much trouble because Munger is one of the more handicap-accessible buildings on campus.

“Munger has an elevator, so I’m lucky I’m in Munger,” Werner said.

Werner was in the hospital for three days before returning home with the walker Jan. 31.

His wife, history teacher Francine Werner, said that he initially hoped to return Feb. 5.

“He’s got to get to the point where moving doesn’t sap his energy,” Francine Werner said at the time.

Francine Werner noted a substantial improvement after his return from the hospital.