Darfur club holds first of four projects

Chronicle Staff

A video about Darfur created by the Darfur Club will be shown at class meetings during the last week of February. The video will precede a bake sale on Feb.29 organized in relation with Amnesty International.

“Shirts for Darfur awareness will be sold, and the proceeds will go to the non-profit organization called Jewish World Watch” Darfur Club president Shelby Layne ’09 said.

JWW was created in 2004 to “combat genocide and other egregious violations of human rights around the world,” according to the organizations’ mission statement.

Members of the Darfur Club brainstormed ideas and created the video collaboratively.

The video includes pictures, student voice recordings of refugee experiences, and factual data about Darfur.

The Darfur Club teaches Darfur Awareness and Activism Training to its members. They program they follow is based on JWW. The program is broken into trimesters: the first is focused on Education, the second on Advocacy, and the third on Refugee Relief. For each topic, the club develops a group project relating to the trimester’s theme.

“It’s a really great way for students interested in Darfur and what’s going on there to get involved,” Layne said.

After the conclusion of each trimester, the members receive tags of completion; and at the end of the year, the members receive a certification of completion. This certificate allows them the option to continue their work with Jewish World Watch and prepares individual students for future advocacy work.

The next trimester is scheduled to begin during Monday’s activities period. The theme the Darfur Club will be working for is Advocacy.