Fencers win in Brentwood tournament

Chronicle Staff

After five consecutive championships and a successful tournament at Brentwood School, fencing coach Ted Katzoff is still reluctant to predict a championship win this season.

At Brentwood, Michael Raynis ’10 took second place in men’s epee, Chris Evren ’08 took second place in men’s saber, and Jacob Levy ’08 took third place in men’s sabre.

The girls’ sabre team, which Katzoff called a “wonderful group,” stood out as a whole at the tournament.

Caroline Groth ’10 took first place, Gabby Groth ’09 took second place and Carleigh Coyne ’10 and Lauren Seo ’10 tied for third place.

The team has several younger, less experienced members and the squad has been focusing on basic foot and blade-work techniques.

“The team is in general maturing by virtue of practice and competition,” Katzoff said.
Raynis and Eric Arzoian ’09 competed in the Junior Fencing Olympics in Germany.

Raynis, ranked number two in his division in the country, also qualified for the U.S. national team this year.

Despite the recent successes, Katzoff recognizes that his fencers will always be honing their skills.

“Fencing is a continued development in basic skills and tactics,” Katzoff said.