15 plays chosen for Playwright’s Festival

A record setting number of plays were submitted and chosen to be produced in this year’s Playwrights’ Festival, performing arts teacher Chris Moore said in an e-mail to playwrights Sunday. Out of 44 plays submitted 15 were selected to be performed by over 30 people in a blind reading. The list is as follows:


By Esther Zuckerman

American Zion

By Charlie Green

An Autobiography About My Brother

By Justin Kuritzkes

Close Reading

By Charlie Green

Crossing The Line

By Jenna Berger

Family Portrait

By Maddy Sprung-Keyser


By Serena Berman

How It Used To Be

By Becca Title

Pecan Pie

By Laura Barati


By Jack Mankiewicz

Right To Privacy

By Siena Leslie


By Esther Zuckerman

The Tips Of My Fingers

By Sophie Levan

Train Station

By Jacob Axelrad

Trivia About Unimportant People

By Justin Kuritzkes