Los Alamitos routs Wolverines 5-0

As goalkeeper Clara Jaques ’09 lept into the air, the ball skirted past, grazing her fingertips and ricocheting into the net behind for a fifth and final Los Alamitos score. The goal came in the final minutes to propel the opponent to a 5-0 win over the Harvard-Westlake girls’ soccer team in the second round of CIF.

The team gave up the momentum early, when a foul gave Los Alamitos a penalty kick resulting in a 1-0 lead. The Wolverines proved unable to gain it back, letting their opponent score twice more by halftime.

“I don’t think it was our best game, which is unfortunate because there are no second chances,” Co-captain Mary Amato ’08 said. “We always want to play our best, but they were talented, and we underestimated them.”

The Griffins continued to dominate in the second half, beating Wolverine defenders to score two more goals. Unable to get its own offensive attack going, the team was shut out in its final match of the season, abruptly ending their playoff run.

“We deserved it,” Amato said. “The hardest part is walking off that field and knowing that you couldn’t make it happen.”

The Wolverines finished the season with an overall record of 9-7-6.