Freshmen perform in Vocal Soloist Recital

Freshmen performed in a Vocal Solo Recital March 2 in the Great Hall. The recital featured 28 students, the most ever, in a Sunday afternoon performance accompanied by pianist Kevin Babuder.

The songs performed varied in genre from musical theater, opera, R&B, classic rock and art songs. The singers expanded their musical talents with rehearsal notes, dress rehearsals and the performance, said Nina Burtchaell, Middle School Performing Arts Department Head. Parents, friends and family attended the recital.

“The performance allowed you to sing in front of other people, showing everyone your talents,” said Riley Pietsch ’11.

“The individual performances and music choices reflect what the students learn and study on their own outside of class.  Students expand their musical talents by rehearsing with Mr. Babuder, taking notes from him and Ms. Burtchaell, performing in class before the concert, dress rehearsal and performance,” Burtchaell said. “Students grow tremendously in their confidence and performance skills by ‘taking the risk’ to perform alone.  I was so proud of everyone.”