Documentary to be screened at Universal Studios by Darfur Awarness Club

A screening of “The Devil Came on Horseback,” a documentary capturing the chaotic situation in Darfur, promoted by the Darfur Awareness and Activism Training club, will be shown at Universal Studios April 12. DAAT also held a bake sale with Amnesty International Friday Feb.29 which raised over $700.

Both the money from DAAT’s screening and the bake sale will be donated to American Jewish World Watch, a non-profit organization dedicated to the genocide in Darfur.

Along with baked goods, “Stop the Genocide” t-shirts were sold in a variety of colors and sizes, an ongoing project of sophomores Alex Glancy ’10 and Michelle Yousefzadeh ’10. “The bake sale was a huge success, and I am very proud. I also feel so supported by the school as a whole and how many kids came out to purchase baked goods and t-shirts on the day of the sale” said Shelby Layne ’09, founder of DAAT and organizer of the event.

The documentary by Brian Steidle deals with his “life-changing experience in Darfur and all that he observed there as a firsthand witness to genocide” Layne said. There will also be a speaker who will share and take questions about the organization and a recent trip to the Darfur refugee camps.

Layne will also feature jewelry she has made and donated that will be for sale. The proceeds from the event will go to the JJW’s Solar Cooker project which helps the prevention of the rape of the Darfur women in the refugee camps.

“For just $30, two solar-powered stoves are provided for a family in the refugee camps and obviate the need for the women to leave the protection of the camp to collect firewood, which is when they are raped and beaten” said Layne. “Now seeing just how much we are capable of, I am confident in and truly I look forward to what the future of the Darfur Awareness and Activism Training Club will hold in this first year and the years to come.”