Senior prefects prep freshman for elections

The head and senior prefects went to the middle school to prepare the ninth grade class for their upcoming election which will determine the class of 2011’s prefects.

After Head Prefect Wesley Yip outlined the key differences between the student council that exists at the middle school, and the upper school’s prefect system, senior prefects Gaven Lucas, Emma Kaplan, Hannah Moody, and David Alpert spoke about the duties of an upper school prefect.

The four prefects described the important qualities a prefect must possess; Lucas spoke about leadership, Kaplan talked about communication and error, and Moody covered visualization and Alpert discussed interpreting the honor code. Alpert reported that “the freshman class was very attentive and responsive”, and added that the prefects planned to return after spring break to further inform the class about the job of a prefect, “so that they can make knowledgeable choices.” The meeting took place during the 9th grade assembly.