Middle school Dance Productoin ‘measures in love’

As the familiar opening chords of “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical “Rent” played from the speakers of the Marshall Center, the 17 members of Dance Production turned on stage and began their annual concert last weekend. This year’s theme was “How Do You Measure…,” playing off the lyric from the song.

The show started and ended with a class dance to two versions of “Seasons of Love.” The first was choreographed by director Carrie Green to a soft voice accompanied by a guitar, and the latter was choreographed by Beanie Feldman ’11 to the song by the cast of “Rent.”

There were a great variety of dance styles; dancers used every move from the can-can to fouettés. Hip-hop was also incorporated by Kathryn Gallagher ’11 and Alanna Klein ’11 in a dance to “Pop” by ‘N Sync.

The performers added several elements to the show to pique the audience’s interest and make their dances more original. Anna Dorfman ’11 used two swing sets in her dance entitled “In Growth,” while Fredel Romano ’11 had an aerial view of the dancers projected in the background during her piece “In Consequence.” During one dance, Max Sheldon ’11 entered from the audience posing as an onlooker. Sarah Seo ’12 used live music, sung by Bella Hicks ’12 and accompanied by Michelle Choi ’12 on the piano.

Bella Hicks ’12 performed in most of the transitions with dances and short silent skits. Some of the members of Dance Production also brought their siblings out on to the stage to perform duets. Dance Production has been rehearsing since November for the show.