2 security officers man guardhouses

Security Officers Johnny Jones and Mark Geiger have assumed the full-time responsibility of manning the security kiosks at the lower and upper entrances of the school on weekdays. 

Jones returned to Harvard-Westlake two weeks ago, resuming a post he held part time for seven months last year.  He is joining the school security squad after a 23-year career with the Los Angeles Police Department.

He returned to the school shortly after the resignation of Director of Inter-Campus Security Kevin Giberson (see story at chronicle.hw.com).

A father of five children, Jones worked with the LAPD in every area except the SWAT team. He spent ten years working with juveniles.  Many of these years were spent as an officer in South Central. 

“There were such good kids there, but the atmosphere was so violent,” he said.  “The atmosphere at this school is very different.”

He retired officially from his post at the LAPD Jan. 2.
“It’s a pleasure being here,” he said.  “I’ve gotten to know some of the kids, and we have a good rapport.”

Jones said the job of a security guard is mainly to “keep peace on campus, to serve and protect and to watch over” the school.  He works at the north entrance.

Geiger previously worked at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  He was a law enforcement official there for 11 years. 

He is married with four children, and says his work takes up much of his life.
His main duty is overseeing activity from the guardhouse at the south entrance, where students going off-campus check out, but Geiger said that he has many other roles as well.

He directs parking on campus, guides visitors, and handles the scheduling for the security team.

Geiger works until 9 p.m. every weekday.

“I’m having fun,” he said.  “I like working with the kids – they’re a good group.”

 —Additional reporting by Candice Navi