Teacher creates glass sculpture for office tower

Visual Arts teacher John Luebtow’s glass sculpture concept “Water, Glass, Sound, Light, Movement” was chosen from among four other competitors to be shown as public art in the Century City Tower.

He was invited to compete by Held Properties, Inc., a private real estate company.

All the artists were given a fee beforehand and asked to submit a concept and model, Luebtow said. Luebtow, who holds a BA from Catholic Lutheran College and an MFA from UCLA each for ceramics and glass, has been working with glass for over 30 years.

“Ideas just really come to me. I go to the site, start taking photos and just start thinking about what is appropriate there,” Luebtow said.

He has been teaching at the Harvard School and Harvard-Westlake School since 1971.

“Most of my students don’t have any idea what I do because when I’m with them, it’s about teaching,” Luebtow said.

Luebtow keeps a sketchbook by his bedside to sketch ideas that come up in his sleep.
He started building his sculpture August 2007.

“I’ll be finished by April. I’m 99 percent finished but we had some changes made” he said.