Art exhibit in NY features teacher’s documentaries

Upper School Video Art teacher Cheri Gaulke’s work is on display in a feminist art exhibit currently open at the Bronx Museum of the Arts until Aug. 4 in New York City.

The exhibit, called “Making It Together: Women’s Collaborative Art + Community,” was inspired by the feminist movement of the 1970s.

For the exhibit, Gaulke created two short video documentaries about groups that she co-founded. One was called Feminist Art Works (1976 – 1981), and the other Sisters of Survival, or SOS (1981 – 1985), which showed participants wearing nuns’ habits doing anti-nuclear performances.
The “recognition of this work within the art world is way overdue,” Gaulke said. 

Gaulke began the project with art critic Carey Lovelace after attending a feminist art show at the Museum of Contemporary Art called “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution.”
“I am proud to be a part of [feminist] history,” Gaulke said.

The teacher was excited to reunite with former colleagues in order to create the exhibition.

“We’ve all mellowed and, with age and experience, know each other and ourselves so well that we could fall into a productive groove. It was lots of work, but I’m really proud of the results. We may even post [Feminist Art Works and Sisters of Survival] on Youtube sometime soon.”

Although Gaulke was not present for the New York opening of the exhibit, she will be going to view the artwork over the summer.

“I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. It was hard work to put together the documentaries but gratifying to re-examine this work from early in my art career and to give it a new visibility,” she said.