Administration nixes plans for late school day

Plans to start school 45 minutes late next Friday as the culmination of Sleep Week have been cancelled.

The week was first suggested by the Sports Council two months ago to raise awareness for lack of sleep in teenagers. Student Athlete Advisory Council members Cathryn Quinn ’08 and Mary Amato ’08 organized this event with support from the Prefect Council.

Another proposal for Sleep Week was to have less homework assigned in order to promote students going to sleep earlier.

This was also nixed as teachers did not have ample time to rework their schedules, Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra said.

“The week is now mostly symbolic,” Salamandra said. “It gives the community a chance to spend time thinking about sleep.”

There will be a survey at the end of next week to determine whether students got more sleep and if they will try to get more sleep in the future, Salamandra said.

There have also been efforts to put a sleep week on next year’s calendar to allow teachers enough time to prepare for class starting later.

Theme activities for next week include a pajama day on Tuesday and a pillow day on Wednesday.
Thursday, students will be encouraged to go to sleep early, and athletes are working with coaches to end practices 30 minutes early.