Students, Faculty can nominate candidates for Head Prefect

Sophomores, juniors and faculty members can nominate juniors to run for the position of Head Prefect by filling out a form at the table outside of Chalmers all day this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Previously, students who wanted to run simply picked up an election packet and completed the necessary steps, including speaking at grade assemblies and filling out an application.

The nominations are part of a broader endeavor to redefine what it means to be a prefect.

“We have tried to redefine the duties of a prefect throughout this year,” Head Prefect Tasia Smith ’08 said. “It’s important now to let the next year’s candidates know that it’s not the same role as it has been in past years or at the middle school.”

The prefects also want students to feel empowered to run even if they haven’t participated in student government before.

“There are kids who run every year because they know it’s what they want to do,” Smith said. “But this is a good way for kids who are leaders in other areas or who are respected by their peers to have the chance to run.”

Nominated students will not be forced to run, but will be approached by prefects to consider becoming candidates if they receive significant support.

Once the candidates are established, the campaigning and election process will be much the same as last year. However, this year, freshmen will not vote for Head Prefect candidates as they have done in the past.