‘That Darn Cat’

The school’s resident feline and miscreant known only as TDC (That Darn Cat) was caught two weeks ago by performing arts department technical director Josh Levy ’99. TDC was taken to a Van Nuys animal shelter, where it was given shots and put up for adoption, Head of Performing Arts Rees Pugh said, though the cat is feral and over 7 years old. He notes the cat was clearly ill and had lost weight.

“It just went right into Josh’s hands,” Pugh said.

The cat’s capture was a triumph for those in the drama office.

“The one we killed? It’s great,” pianist Mark Hilt said with a flourish while exiting the office.

Head of the drama program Christopher Moore said that the cat has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage over the past 7 years.

Most notably, the cat turned the underbelly of Rugby stage into its personal litter box over the summer. It became necessary to hire contracted cleaning crews to sanitize the area before the fall musical.  The cat has also continued to defecate backstage in Rugby Theater this year and even inside the drama office (Moore had to get a new leather chair a few months ago).