Junior broadcasts baseball games

Acting, golf and baseball now all have something in common. Nick Berman ’09 partakes in all of them in some shape or form. Having played roles on the “Bernie Mac Show” and in Eddie Murphy’s new movie “Meet Dave,” Berman has now decided to use his voice over the Harvard-Westlake online radio system, KHWS.

“I have turned to sports broadcasting because I find that it combines the same skills needed for acting along with my affinity for sports,” he said.

For each game, Berman prepares a stat sheet for both teams and a pre-game message. When players come up to bat, he gives a little background on them along with their stats for the season.

Acknowledging that his broadcast wasn’t live, and that the KHWS site isn’t that popular, Berman decided to change his broadcasts to podcasts and upload them to the online music megastore, iTunes.

“Almost everyone has iTunes and so by creating a podcast on iTunes, listeners can subscribe to the Harvard-Westlake baseball broadcasts,” Berman said.

To access the podcasts, one can access the iTunes store, go to the podcast section and search for “Harvard-Westlake Baseball.”

Berman also has to reconcile the JV golf team with his new duties. Fortunately, golf matches are on Mondays and Wednesdays, while baseball games are on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Berman hopes to continue broadcasting next year. He plans to extend his coverage to other sports including football. He also wants to incorporate video, but realizes its an impossibility.