Middle school library building to be demolished

The Middle School Modernization Project Team plans to knock down the music building and Seeley G. Mudd Library at the beginning of June. Plans for the razing of the music building are set for June 4, and the demolition of the library will follow soon after, says Vice President John Amato, head of the project.

Due to the construction, the Fast Start program for new seventh and ninth graders will not take place this summer, and the alumni and communications team of the Office of Advancement will move to the Upper School Campus. This team includes Director of Alumni Relations and Communications Jill Shaw, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Eli Goldsmith, and Communications Officer Beth Stokes. Shaw and Goldsmith will be in the suite of offices across from Harry Salamandra’s office in Seaver Hall.

“Because of the growth of the advancement team, the reduction of space from the original administrative offices in the new Middle school, and the long-term intention to have alumni relations based at the Upper School, the move at this time makes sense,” says Ed Hu, Chief Advancement Officer. Hu also believes this move will help strengthen communication between the team and the Student Alumni Association.

At the start of next school year, classes will be held in the new buildings as well as in Reynolds Hall and Marshall Center, which are both still completely functional and will be throughout the rest of construction. The Fire Road will be used as a walkway between the two campuses.

A date has not been determined yet for the demolition of the Administration Building. This will be that last part of the old campus to come down, and will not happen until the new campus is fully up and running. Amato expects to be in the new buildings by early to mid-June.

Once the music building and the library have both been fully removed, grading will begin to connect the new structures to the old buildings. Plans are made for the new field to be ready for use by March 2009. During the first two athletic seasons, teams will practice and play off campus. Amato hopes that home games will start up again during the spring season.

“[Without Fast Start,] it is going to be chaotic at first,” says Amato. “This is going to be new for all of us, but I think it will be a great experience, and everyone will help each other through it.”