High Stakes: Episode 7

The Chronicle tracked three seniors through the college application process. The three seniors reflect on their experiences and give advice to future Harvard-Westlake applicants.

Cameron Sheedy
Parsons School of Design

What is the worst advice you got?
Don’t go to art school; it’s not practical. A lot of people told me, “try to go to Yale and do art there” but that is the last thing that would make me happy right now.

What would you have done differently?
Nothing. I’m extremely grateful for the people closest to me; I had nothing but support from them.
Madeleine Witenberg
NYU Gallatin

What would you advise students who don’t get into their first choice?
You can find a way to be happy anywhere and that school selected you because they thought you’d be a good match, so you probably are.

What is the worst advice you received?
The very hyped-up feeling that it all matters so much and that every last point on the SAT matters.

Colin Turner
USC Marshall School of Business

What advice do you have?
Don’t stress; you go to HW. A lot of kids going to HW don’t understand how well HW prepares us.

What would you avoid?
Don’t wait to start your applications until winter break. I know a lot of kids were stressing out the night before the deadline. I started mine really early. So I didn’t have to stress aronnd Christmas.