Music teacher bids farewell

Director of Upper School Orchestras William J. McClain announced his departure in an e-mail sent to his students two weeks ago. McClain, who transferred here from Andover at the start of this year, decided to leave due to irresolvable matters with the school, Head of  the Performing Arts Department Rees Pugh said.

“I think he and the school came to a mutual agreement that this may not have been the best fit for him,” Pugh said.

In his e-mail, McClain verified this, acknowledging that while he enjoyed teaching here, he could not continue to do so under the current circumstances.

“I wish to take this time to congratulate the orchestras and musical scholars on a fine year of hard work, growth and beautiful music making,” he wrote in the e-mail.

“While I believe we have achieved many great things over this year the administration and I have not been able to resolve all the issues that have come up in my very first year.”

The Performing Arts Department is currently auditioning candidates to replace McClain next year, with six or seven in contention for the spot, Pugh said.

Classes continued as scheduled with guest conductors leading them the past week, and Pugh hopes to select a new orchestra director by the end of June.