Annual Giving reaches record $6 million


The Office of Advancement expects $6.8 million in Annual Giving funds this year, which would be the largest annual fund for any day school in the nation. The Annual Giving funds would account for nearly 11 percent of the school’s operating budget of $55 million this year, Chief Advancement Officer Ed Hu said.

“It is pretty remarkable given the economy,” Hu said. “Will we get there? We sure hope we will.”

Last year, the school garnered a record-setting $6 million in annual funds. Ninety eight percent of all faculty and staff made gifts to Annual Giving last year, director of Annual Giving Alan Ball said. This was the highest faculty donation turnout ever.

“We’re counting on the extra generosity of the parents and alumni to support the school,” Hu said.

Tuition does not cover the full operating cost of the school and Annual Giving makes up for that difference, Hu said. Even with the construction of the middle school campus, the school continues to increase expectations for annual funding each year.

“It’s difficult economic times for some people, with the price of gas and real estate investments,” Ball said. “Regardless of peoples giving capacity, people will reach into their hearts and give what they’re able to do in the spirit of giving.” The Annual Giving program has always been strong and the school expects the funds to only grow, Hu said.

The $55 million operation cost covers faculty salaries, benefits, technology, financial aid and other operations to keep the school running.