Peer Support leaders and trainees go on retreat

Peer Support leaders and trainees spent the first weekend of the school year at  Gindling Hilltop Camp in Malibu, California for the annual Peer Support retreat ..

While on the retreat, the 26 leaders and 29 trainees, along with advisers Luba Bek and Sheila Siegel, did ropes courses, team bonding exercises, and other games that teach people to ask for help when they need it. They had camp fires and were given the chance to hang out, make friends with people in other grades, so that by the end of the retreat, when the new leader and trainee groups were announced, leaders and trainees will had had the chance to bond.

“I am really excited for the retreat,” said coordinator Sarah Brandon ’09. “Not only do you get the fun of being at the camp, but the trust that is built can really be felt and I think that it extends throughout the year with the leaders and trainees.”