Newseum features teacher’s press credential

Chronicle adviser Kathleen Neumeyer’s press badge from the 1987 Academy Awards is featured in a display of press credentials from throughout history at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Neumeyer, who covered the Oscars that year as a reporter for United Press International, had seen a wall of various press badges when she visited the Newseum’s previous location in Arlington, Va., in 2001, and recognized a glaring absence.

“As I stood and looked at them, I noticed that there were none from the big awards shows in California — the Emmys, the Grammys, the Oscars.”

She later sent the Newseum several of her press badges from various awards ceremonies and received a reply that her donation had been accepted for display.

Lisa Hestrin-Lerner (Jonathan ’07, Alison ’09) noticed Neumeyer’s badge from the 1987 Academy Awards in a display of press passes when she and Alison visited the Newseum last month, and informed Neumeyer of the sighting.