Obama wins in landslide school election

Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was announced Monday as the winner of the school-wide mock election that took place last week. The complete results of the mock election and survey were announced in an email to the school by history teacher Dave Waterhouse. Obama won with 76.4 percent of the student vote. The results are part of a nationwide study by Voting Opportunities for Teenagers in Every State and will be published online and in many newspapers, according to Waterhouse. All survey questions were written by the VOTES organization. The complete results are as follows:

President of the United States of America:

Baldwin (Constitution Party) .5% 5

Barr (Libertarian Party) 1.6% 17

McCain (Republican Party) 18.7% 198

McKinney (Green Party) 1.2% 13

Nader (Independent) 1.6% 17

Obama (Democratic Party) 76.4% 809

Total votes: 1059

Which of the following issues do you believe is the most important one for the next administration?

Iraq War 8.7% 80

The “energy crisis” 14.2% 131

The US economy 68.6% 633

Immigration .8% 7

Health care 3.3% 30

The War on Terrorism 4.6% 42

Total votes: 923

American troops in Iraq should

Not expect a stated withdrawal date 4.3% 40

Should be withdrawn only when the Iraqi government has been stabilized 22.6% 208

Should be withdrawn over the next five years 29.7% 273

Should be withdrawn as quickly as possible 43.4% 399

Total votes: 920

The best solution to our nation’s energy crisis is

Constructing more nuclear power and clean coal plants 10.6% 96

Continuing the development of renewable sources such as wind and solar power 81.7% 743

Allowing companies to further explore and develop drilling sites in the US 5.4% 49

Raising fuel costs to encourage less use in country 2.3% 21

Total votes: 909

The best way to address our considerable budget deficit is to

Raise taxes 7.0% 63

Limit spending across federal programs 17.9% 162

Decrease spending on the Iraqi war and reconstruction

given that Iraq has considerable budget surplus 58.3% 528

Lower taxes so that American consumer spending can

stimulate the US economy once again 16.9% 153

Total votes: 906

Do you believe that the quality of patient care would be negatively affected by a universal health care program?

Yes 47.3% 424

No 52.7% 473

Total votes: 897

Regarding the ongoing assessment of Roe v. Wade and abortion policy, do you believe that females under the age of 18 must have parental consent?

Yes 30.7% 280

No 69.3% 631

Total votes: 911

Should abortions only be permitted during the first trimester of pregnancy?

Yes 49.0% 441

No 51.0% 459

Total votes: 900

Should partial birth abortions be legal?

Yes 48.8% 423

No 51.2% 444

Total votes: 890

The US government should best respond to the financial and sub-prime mortgage crisis by

Doing nothing and letting the market correct itself 5.4% 48

Undertaking a limited role in correcting the situation 29.2% 260

Offering loan guarantees and assuming control of some financial institutions 24.8% 221

Reforming and regulating the financial industry 40.6% 361

Total votes: 890