Girls’ tennis falls early as league play looms

After losing their first two matches, the girls’ tennis squad hopes to rebound after a slow start. However, the team’s 0-2 record is not exactly what it seems, as both losses came against top Division one opponents: Palos Verdes and Peninsula, two schools known for their premier tennis programs.

The losses will not count against the team’s league standings, and will not stand in the way of their ultimate goal: reclaiming the Mission League.

Nicole Hung ’10 was upbeat about the two games, citing significant improvement between the games.

“We got noticeably better between the two games,” Hung said. “A lot of young players stepped up, and hopefully the games will help us prepare for Chaminade and reclaiming the Mission League. In order to do that, we must beat Chaminade twice, first at home, and then at Chaminade.”

Senior Caroline Richman said she was happy with the early season play, but sees plenty of room for improvement.

“Each team member needs to give 100 percent during the practices so we are well prepared for each game,” she said. “We are very lucky that all the new members to the varsity team are incredibly strong assets.”

Despite all the new talent, Richman said there is still an adjustment period for the players and coaches.

“It is pretty early in our season so the coaches are still deciding on the best and strongest lineup for our team,” she said. “I have seen some competitive matches so far, and I am confident in the ability and dedication of this team.”

Like Hung, Richman did not duck away from the team’s powerful collective desire to win back the Mission League title.

Richman said that the team must get ready for their league opener on Oct. 7 against the defending league champions and principal Wolverine adversary Chaminade. Head Coach Chris Simpson echoed similar sentiments to those of Richman.

“We have a lot of new, young players on our team who are very talented,” Simspson said. “Because the level of play is so high, there is an adjustment period for all of them.”

His goal was no different from that of his players. After losing Mission League for the first time in eight years, Simpson said the team wants nothing more than to beat Chaminade and reclaim the title.