Theft reports increase on campus

Reported thefts on campus have increased since the beginning of the school year, according to Head of Security Jim Crawford. The reported items have primarily been wallets, cash, phones and especially iPods, all taken from unattended backpacks.

When Crawford first received reports of thefts at the start of the school year, he believed the thief came from outside campus, but following the increase in reports, Crawford now believes the thief is someone from the school.

“I have a folder on my desk right now that probably has about 10 or 11 different reports of stolen items,” Crawford said.

In early October, Olivia Kestin ’09 reported that money was stolen from her wallet during a field hockey game.

“I went to get my backpack from outside Munger after my game and my wallet was sitting on the floor outside my backpack and all the money was missing,” Kestin said.

There were several games going on that day and visiting teams were walking around campus, Kestin said.

“I noticed my money was stolen after school ended and after my game was over,” she said. “I was thinking that if the thief was from another school, they would still be on campus.”

Catie Barsky ’10 reported her stolen laptop to security last week. After Barsky told security where she remembered having her laptop last, the school’s security searched the areas, but found nothing, Barksy said.

Within the week, however, Barsky’s laptop was found in the Science Lab, although the room had previously been searched by security and by Barsky.

“[The laptop] showed up in an office that I had been working in earlier, but it was checked by myself, security and the teacher,” Barsky said. “Security thinks it may have been taken then returned, but the truth remains a mystery.”

Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts, Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra and Crawford have discussed increasing the number of cameras around campus, Crawford said.

“We spoke about placing cameras in places where students have a tendency to drop their backpacks and leave, like the area across from Munger,” Crawford said. “Those are the areas that I’ve received the most reports of theft from.”

Crawford urges students not to leave any valuable items in backpacks, but to lock them in lockers instead.

“If you leave iPods or phones in your backpacks, at least put them at the bottom of the bag,” Crawford said. “Your best choice is to lock your stuff in your lockers.”