Photography classes visit local museums

Visual arts teacher Kevin O’Malley and his photography classes Advanced Photo IIA, Advanced Photo IIB and Advanced Photo III explored art museums throughout Los Angeles on class field trips.

Advanced Photo III visited the Getty Villa in Malibu on Nov. 7 with the assignment to photograph someone who resembled a portrait sculpture at the museum.

The Advanced Photo IIB class went to the Huntington Museum in San Marino on Nov. 10 where they saw the Greene and Greene architecture exhibition, while the Advanced Photo IIA class went to Getty Center in Brentwood on Nov. 11 to see the Carleton Watkins exhibition of landscape photographs from the 19th century.

The Advanced Photo II classes did not go the museums with a specific assignment, but free to take pictures of what they wanted.

“It was a good experience,” Chelsea McMahon ’10, a student of Advanced Photo IIB said. “We could go around and take pictures of what we wanted while bonding with our other classmates.”

O’Malley thinks that the museum expeditions are a good release for his students.

“This will be a good way for my academically overloaded students to get off campus and take some photographs,” he said. “They can do so without having to rush home before the sun goes down or sneak in shots between homework assignments over their weekends.”