Deans redesign college tours

Seventy-three juniors will be going on the newly designed Harvard-Westlake college tours during spring break. One tour will visit colleges in the Midwest and the other will be traveling to colleges on the East coast.

Last year, students chose between a Northeast tour and a Southeast tour, but the deans have decided to change the tours.

“We try to pick colleges that students want to see, and we try to pick colleges with a range of sizes, programs and selectivity,” dean Jim Patterson said. “Also, we try to pick colleges so that the tours are equally attractive.”

“The college tour serves as an introduction to the college search process,” dean coordinator Camille da Santos said. “For many students, it is the initial opportunity to get a first-hand look at campuses in a different part of the country.”

Upper school deans Tamar Adegbile, Canh Oxelson and Patterson will chaperone the Northeast tour, called the Jumbo Tour.

The Midwest visit, the Wolverine Tour, will be directed by upper school deans Sharon Cuseo, Jon Wimbish and Chief Advancement Officer Ed Hu.

Students were not notified who would be chaperoning each trip before they signed up because the deans did not want students to sign up for a tour based on who was chaperoning but rather because of which colleges seemed most interesting to them, Patterson said.

“The purpose is to provide a trip where juniors can see a range of college and university options in different regions of the country,” Patterson said. “We like doing these tours because the colleges are able to tailor their presentations to the Harvard-Westlake group.”