Singing with holiday spirit

By Candice Navi

Senior singers lined the aisles of the Santa Monica First Presbyterian Church as they launched into the final song of their last Winter Choral Concert on Dec. 12.

While sophomores and juniors sang “Peace, Peace,” seniors sang a final verse of “Silent Night” instead, as is tradition for the upperclassmen.

“The piece was gorgeous, accompanied by hand bells, and marks a significant moment in this final Winter Choral Concert for all the seniors,” upper school Choral Director Rodger Guerrero said. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

Chamber Singers, Jazz Singers, the all-girl ensemble Bel Canto and the all-male Wolverine Chorus performed at the concert, which took place at the Santa Monica First Presbyterian Church for the fourth consecutive year.

The combined choirs led off the concert with “All My Heart All This Night Rejoices,” as girls walked in procession down the aisles and boys filtered onto the stage from the backdoors of the church.

Performing arts teacher Rodger Guerrero explained that all the songs in Friday’s Winter Choral Concert, “Rejoice This Night,” shared a common theme of joy and celebration.

The choir groups were accompanied by a few instrumentalists from the school orchestras and the Jazz Combo.

“The choirs have all been preparing for this concert since about October,” Guerrero said. “It is miraculous what they can accomplish in their four regular 45-minute classes per week and only three extra three-hour rehearsals.”

Among the most applauded songs were “The Twelve Days After Christmas” sung by Chamber Singers, “A Jazzy Bell Carol” by the Jazz Combo and the Jazz Singers and “Peace, Peace,” sung by the combined choirs.