Green Committee aims to make school eco-friendly

Having solar heating for the swimming pool and implementing environmental education into the Choices and Challenges curriculum were just a few of the ideas discussed at the Green Committee meeting Dec. 4.

The meeting included members from both the Green Committee and the Environmental Club, who talked about efforts that could be put forth in order to help the “going green” initiative.

Math teacher and head of the Green Committee Kent Palmer led the meeting, and Julie Barzilay ’09 and Sal Greenberger ’09 were there as representatives of the Environmental Club. Other faculty Green Committee members were there as well, including science teacher Wendy Van Norden, librarian Maureen Frank and English teacher Martha Wheelock.

One issue discussed was how the committee could publicize the new reusable water bottles available in the student store that the school has just bought. To encourage the usage of the new water bottles, some of the water fountain spouts may be changed to faucets in the future. In addition, the committee brought up the idea to use reusable dishes and silverware rather than the current paper, plastic and Styrofoam dishware. There are students who want to build solar panels if they can get the funds for it, and there will also be more of an effort by teachers to print double-sided worksheets.

“We want to eventually put all documents online instead of printing them out to distribute,” Palmer added.