Alum demonstrates Ju-jitsu for juniors

Dave Eckardt ’03 visited the Upper School Dec. 6 to give a Ju-jitsu demonstration during junior class meeting.

The presentation served to promote the team and “clarify misunderstandings about what the team actually is,” Eckardt said.

Ju-jitsu, a centuries-old Japanese martial art, has lost popularity among students in recent years. When Eckardt joined the team in 1999, there were approximately 40 members, he said. Now, only four students are on the team.

The varsity Ju-jitsu team competes year-round and is open to high school students. The coed team practices in the Dojo at the Upper School and participates in competitions throughout Southern California.

During the demonstration on Rugby stage, Eckhardt and Head Coach Mark Jordan performed several advanced techniques in front of the juniors. At one point, Jordan even pulled out a foam knife to demonstrate proper defense.

Eckhardt was co-captain on the varsity Ju-jitsu team his junior and senior years. He earned a black belt at the end of his senior year.