Students perform in St. Saviour’s for yearly Convocation

On Sunday, students read passages and performed in the annual Christmas convocation at St. Saviour’s Church on the upper school campus which was followed by a reception in the Feldman-Horn Gallery.

The Christmas Convocation service has been occurring for around twenty years in St. Saviour’s.

The service was attended by students, teachers, administrators, parents and alumni.

The Middle School Choir sang hymns in between Biblical passages read by upper school prefects and middle school senators.

There was also a performance by Ben-Han Sung ’11 who played “Tambourin Chinois” on the violin.

Student passages were read by Tatiana Ettensberger ’14, Megan Ward ’13, Richard Chung ’12, Christine Kanoff ’11, Reid Lidow ’10 and Joey Friedrich ’09.

Following the student passages, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts, President Thomas Hudnut and school chaplain Father J. Young read passages.

Young also delivered a short sermon on the holiday season, drawing all of the passages together.

Though Young talked about the Biblical stories, his overall theme for the service was hope.

He enforced this message with the idea that while we have our own hopes for Christmas, we can also represent hope for others.

“The service was magnificent,” Huybrechts said. “It was great seeing the community come together.”

“This was my second year participating in the service. The service is so well done, and Father Young and all of the participants make it a truly memorable and special experience,” Lidow said. “I am honored to have participated in this event, and I hope to contribute again next year.”