Renowned jazz artist visits classes

Jazz classes instructed by music teacher Shawn Costantino were taught for a day by a world-renowned jazz musician.

The classes performed various songs from their upcoming winter concert for Marcus Miller, (Julian ’09) who recently returned from touring in Europe and Asia.

After observing the classes perform, Miller taught the classes how to weave basic jazz techniques into music.

Miller stressed how different aspects of music can be played together in a way that makes certain points stand out.

He built upon individual parts of music, joining them together into one ensemble piece.

Miller first worked to perfect individual groups of saxophones, trumpets, piano and drums.

He then worked on the groups as a whole, making sure the musicians understood the importance that a jazz band “lock into rhythm.”

Miller walked amongst the band and taught alongside the individual musicians, focusing on particular segments.

Miller also assisted various soloists throughout the band, showing them different techniques.

“Jazz is a question and answer thing,” Miller said. “One [instrument] is the question who needs to be answered.”

Miller singled out different parts of music such as the melody and rhythm in order for the students to hear and learn how two separate parts of the music can “smoothly” join into one.

“It helps to have professionals show some of the techniques that they have used throughout their career,” Costantino said.