Alum is artist-in-residence at University of Notre Dam

Daniel Schlosberg ’96 is now the artist-in-residence as a pianist at the University of Notre Dame, where he also teaches studio piano.

“[Notre Dame is] a wonderful university and it is great because it is pretty well known,” Schlosberg said. “Any university position is great for an artist because it allows for a lot of free time to travel.”

At Harvard-Westlake, Schlosberg was influenced by his two music teachers, Daniel Newsom at the middle school and Dr. Jerry Margolis at the upper school.

Both teachers “let me hang out and pick their brains about everything and anything relating to music,” Schlosberg said.

Upper school English teacher Lawrence Weber also left him strongly impressed.

“He just had a really poetic presence which influenced my world view,” Schlosberg said.

Schlosberg was also inspired by middle school science teacher Dr. Eliot Parivar, who came to his recital in Los Angeles last year.

Middle School Performing Arts Department Chair and choral music instructor Nina Burtchaell has also been supportive of Schlosberg’s career.

Schlosberg has performed in New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angles.