First winter concert held in new Bing Auditorium

Last Thursday’s winter instrumental music concert, “Welcome to the Bing,” was the first to be held in the Middle School’s new Bing Auditorium.

For instrumentalists and listeners alike, the 850-seat venue was a welcome change from the creaking stairs and poor acoustics of Marshall Center, where performances have been held for more than two decades.

Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts, who has attended every instrumental music concert in “about a decade,” raved about the Bing’s “perfect” sound.

“The concerts are always excellent, but Thursday night’s was extraordinary,” she said. “I know very little about the science of acoustics, but I do know that the sound from anywhere in that auditorium — and I sat in several different seats during the concert — was warm and lively and perfectly clear.”

“The students were very excited [to play in the auditorium],” performing arts teacher Emily Reola said. “They made history Thursday by being the first students ever to perform there.”

Five instrumental music groups directed by Starr Wayne and Reola performed both classical and contemporary pieces.

Other than a dance accompaniment by Dance Production students for the Symphony Orchestra’s “Swan Lake,” the program was not considerably different from winter concerts of previous years. As with past instrumental music concerts, this concert showcased the wide range of the talents of the members of the Beginning Band and the Beginning Orchestra to the more experienced musicians in the Symphonic Band and in the Symphony Orchestra.

The Bing Auditorium is also used for all-school assemblies. Upcoming performances include tomorrow’s Winter Choral Concert and a January jazz concert.