Two accidents damage four student cars

By Cathi Choi

A total of four student owned cars were damaged in two separate accidents on Coldwater Canyon on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

After being rear ended, a driver of a Smart Car going North on Coldwater Canyon bumped into a student owned parked Toyota on Tuesday morning. The driver left minor paint transfers on the silver Toyota. He has no connection with Harvard-Westlake, CJL employee Mike Providente said.

On Monday morning, a car collision caused greater damage, to a school drainage pipe and three student-owned cars. No one suffered any major injuries in either of the two consecutive accidents. One driver involved in the Monday morning accident sustained minor injuries to his arm, but this was fortunate given the severity of the accident, Providente said.

Abe Brown, a longtime user of the school track, had been parked on Coldwater Canyon’s south-bound lane and was merging into traffic when he collided with the other driver.

After the collision, the other driver’s car was spinning, out of control, and Providente said some tires may have left the ground but doubted that it actually flipped over. He crashed into three student owned cars, scraping one and seriously damaging two, Providente said. As it was spinning, it first collided with three student owned cars. He crashed into a Silver Acura then scraped a white Mercedes Benz and finally reared into a blue Prius, Providente said.

Brown lost control and crashed into the school’s drainage pipe, into which water flows from Zanuck Stadium and Ted Slavin Field. Authorities from the Department of Water and Power came to inspect the drainage pipe and concluded that there were no leak problems, Providente said.

The three students from this accident have been contacted by CJL Security owner Jim Crawford, Security Officer Sanders Jackson said. They were given the insurance information of both drivers involved and the LAPD report number for this accident, Providente said.

Providente, also a retired sergeant, said that students would most likely see an increase of LAPD presence on Coldwater Canyon. This pattern of traffic accidents, he said, would prompt the authorities to monitor the traffic more closely.

 â€œThere’s a lot of reckless on Coldwater,” Providente said. “This accident should be able to remind students to drive safely.”