It’s our turn, community

The Community Council, in its inaugural year, has done an admirable job of organizing a broad variety of events to allow students to fulfill their requirements easily; however, students have not been taking advantage of them.

Only 15 percent of the students polled in a Chronicle survey have actually utilized the service opportunities provided by the Community Council and completed their outreach through one of their trips. To the over 70 percent of students who haven’t completed any outreach this semester, we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Although we continue to disagree with the Community Council’s rule that outreach can only be credited through group activities while solo projects are no longer accepted, we do commend them for setting up such a variety of different opportunities for the students. We stand by our assertion that solo outreach can be more meaningful than forced group outreach, but you have made it very simple for students to comply with the new rules, and for that we thank you.

In the month of February alone, there have been three events, ranging from tree planting to a Send-a-Smile event. These types of events cater to the varied interests of the student body, and are organized in such a way as to make it simple for any student to sign up. The well-planned trips also take a load off the students who would otherwise have to organize a group to perform their outreach together.

Despite these feats of organization, students are still not signing up. One way to boost sign ups is to have more tangible outlets for signing up for events. Instead of impersonally emailing the mass of students about upcoming events, Community Council could confront them in person: set up stands in the quad that advertise that week’s trip or post sign up sheets around campus. Or simply have some members walking around with signup sheets for the latest project a few times a week; when brought face-to-face with the requirement, students will be more likely to sign up.

Students, on the other hand, need to keep in mind that half of the year is over already, and with the outreach deadline tentatively set for April 30, we all need to get some form of community service done. The next organized event takes place this Saturday and involves feeding the homeless on a mobile food truck. Why not attend?

The ball is now in the students’ court, and we recommend that students seize the opportunities presented and utilize the Council’s events.