Advanced Photo III students exhibit work

By Mary Rose Fissinger

Large cutouts of numbers hang above photos capturing everything from the African landscape to a deserted playground adorned the walls of the Feldman Horn Art Gallery starting Feb. 2.

The opening of the Advanced Photography III gallery drew a large crowd during break, and students from all grades as well as teachers filled the room to see student art and eat free snacks.

“I made all the kids bring their second period teachers,” Kevin O’Malley, teacher of Advanced Photography III, said with a laugh.

The exhibit was called “Clockworks,” and the concept was pretty, but allowed for artistic interpretation.

“Each student chose one of the hours on the clock and then photographed both a.m. and p.m. images,” O’Malley said.

The task was executed in a variety of ways, each artist putting their own spin on the assignment.

Alex Fullman’s ’09 display depicted 8 o’clock.

“Being assigned 8 o’clock, I wasn’t sure how I could show everything in two pictures,” Fullman said.

He decided to take 30 or so pictures, develop them on regular 4 x 6 photo paper, and arrange them in a huge 8 that spanned a large part of the southern wall of the gallery.

He also found a poem entitled “8 o’clock” by A. G. Houseman. He posted the poem in black letters on the window.