New summer academic programs, sports camps offered on middle, upper campuses

By Emily Khaykin

Registration is now open for summer school classes in advanced French, Italian, journalism, computer programming and web design, the performing arts, finance, and more. These classes are available to middle and upper school students as well as students from other schools. Along with the classes from last year, there is a new cheerleading camp, an intensive acting workship at the middle school and a two-week journalism course. In addition to new academic courses, new sports camps have been added as well.

The middle school will once again host many of the summer programs, whereas last summer, all summer programs took place at the upper school due to the construction at the middle school. Upper school Dean Jim Patterson is in charge of the summer programs. In addition to many new classes, Patterson said that courses will available in “bundled class groups,” which would allowe students to groups similar courses together for a discounted price.

The Film Camp is particularly popular, Patterson said. Instructor Cheri Gaulke has, in past summers, sent in some of the videos created in the two weeks of camp to film festivals. Many of the videos have done well, despite the short time in which they were created.

There is an added performance opportunity for middle school students this summer. The new Middle School Performing Arts program is two weeks and is modeled after the summer intensive acting class at the upper school, but is much more ambitious.

“It’s very exciting,” Patterson said. Middle school students will have the chance to participate in classes taught by professionals in dance, choral music, acting, instrumental music, technical theatre, and improvisational acting. Patterson says that students will be able to pick and choose particular classes or participate in all of them.

All the regular sports programs will be available with the addition of a cheerleading camp, Gold Medal Sports Camp, and a Sports Performance Camp.

All of these programs can be viewed for further information online at The Summer Opportunities information packet that the deans have mailed out in the past, concerning camps, classes, and other programs available across the country as well as internationally, can also now be viewed online at To view these, students will need to use their student login and parents can use their login and password as well. Registration for these programs began at the beginning of the month.