Saxophonist speaks to jazz classes

By David Burton and Jordan Freisleben

Gary Keller, a professor at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, spoke to Studio Band, Jazz Band, and Jazz Ensemble classes on Feb. 2. Keller specializes in saxophone and has had an influential role on Costantino’s life and appreciation of music.

Focusing on various jazz skills, Keller emphasized the use of basic harmonic and melodic skills in jazz improvisations.

Keller made the class analyze the music and “taught us how to emphasize notes and listen to others while playing,” trombonist Evan Jackson ’10 said.

“It is special to have someone who has based their career on jazz music to share his experience and techniques with upcoming musicians,” he said.

Costantino previously invited jazz musician Marcus Miller to help instruct his three jazz classes in December.