Students’ films chosen by festivals

By Daniel Rothberg

The Screen Film Festival at Pacifica Christian High School screened “Untouchable,” directed by Jack Heston ’09 and Justin Levine ’09, “Ridden,” by Sebastian Spader ’08 and Patrick Hibler ’08, “1234: A Study of Romance,” also by Spader, and “Transatlantique,” by Lucas Foster ’13.

The Frost Film Festival screened “Transatlantique,” “Ridden,” “Untouchable” and “It’s a Wonderful Climate,” directed by Evan Ryan ’09 and written by Joey Meyer ‘09, on Jan. 30-31.

Foster’s “Transatlantique” was chosen by the National Film Festival of Talented Youth.

Later this year, the International Family Film Festival will screen “Untouchable” and Michael Diamant’s ’09 “Conflict in the Middle Table” in their student shorts category.

In addition, an adult film festival, the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, has chosen another Diamant film, “Perfect Day,” to screen.