Sophomores, juniors elect Head Prefect

By Sammy Roth

Results of the Head Prefect election are expected to be announced today, following two days of online voting.

The three male Head Prefect candidates spoke to the combined sophomore and juniors classes Monday at a mandatory assembly during break. E-mail voting began immediately following the assembly, and was set to continue until 2:35 p.m. yesterday afternoon.

Reid Lidow ’10, Jake Schine ’10 and A.J. Sugarman ’10 outlined for their peers what they would do if elected as Head Prefect. Jenny Porter ’10 ran unopposed in her bid to be elected as the female Head Prefect, although she chose to speak at the assembly anyway.

Each candidate began with a one-minute opening statement. Lidow and Schine touted their previous experience as prefects, as both have served on the Prefect Council for the past two years. Sugarman argued that as an outsider to student government, he is best suited to the position.

Next, the candidates were asked to discuss the idea of a “disconnect” between factions such as the faculty, the administration and the student body. Although the candidates generally agreed that a disconnect exists, they had different ideas for how to fix it.

Finally, the candidates made their closing statements. Schine and Sugarman both tried to end with a memorable line, with Sugarman listing among his good qualities that he is “damn handsome,” and Schine advising students to “Vote Schine in ’09 and everything will be fine,” adding that his birthday was the next day. Lidow responded to these lines by commenting that “My birthday is May 14 and I’m not all that handsome.”

Election results can be found as soon as they are available at