Library buys collection of audio books

By Anna Etra

Audio books are now available for checkout in the library. These audio books correspond with the books in the 2nd semester English curriculum for all three grades.

There are two different audio book forms available. Some audio books are found on playaways, which contain only one book, and others are on iPods, which contain the entire audio book collection.

Each device can be checked out for up to two weeks at a time.

The playaways can regulate the speed of the audio, control the volume and hold place in a narrative, whereas the iPods cannot regulate the speed.

The plays found in the audio book set have a full cast audio.

“The audio books are not a replacement for reading the text,” librarian Maureen Frank said, “just a supplement to enrich the learning experience.”

So far, however, there has not been much ear traffic with the new software.

“We want to get statistics of how many people are checking them out,” Frank said. “So far people have been commenting on how they notice the audio books but don’t actually check them out.”

The collection took two weeks to fully compile and currently only consists of the books in the second semester English curriculum.

If the librarians feel that the program is successful, they will order more audio books at the beginning of next year to augment the current set.