Activities conflict with SAT testing

By Drew Lash

Two students signed up to take the March SAT only to suddenly have conflicts resulting from recently scheduled extracurricular commitments. These pre-set standardized test dates only occur a few times during the year and can cause scheduling problems for many who opt to take the test during their junior year.

Dean Vanna Cairns recommends that students take standardized tests once in their junior year and once during their senior year. Extracurriculars can often cause conflicts with standardized test dates.

Kat Arenella ’10 signed up to take the March 14 SAT. However, the final round of the Southern California Vocal Association Classical Solo Competition was also scheduled for the same morning.

“I knew that it was the same day but I thought could maybe do both. So I e-mailed the person who was in charge to try and see if I could do both. She said that they would try to accommodate me and have me perform last, but it was an hour away and an hour after the SAT ended, so it didn’t work out. So I chose to take the SAT in May,” Arenella said. Arenella was named in the top six for the vocal competition and is not too upset about rescheduling her SAT.

Although none of the boys’ basketball players were signed up to take the SAT during their state final, cheerleader Nicki Resnikoff ’10 was.

“I was not able to reschedule the SAT because it was pretty late in the year and we didn’t know if we would actually be playing in the game until that week. I love my team and I’m committed, but school is my priority,” Resnikoff said.

“The dates for standardized tests are posted in August, but if you have a CIF game, you have to go with your team,” Cairns said. “Each student should see his or her dean and re-vamp his or her testing schedule because there is some flexibility there because there is more than one test date.”