Creationist returns for discussion

By Austin Block

“Truth is not a democracy,” dentist Morris Nakamura told the Christian Club at one of his three recent visits. During the meetings, he spoke about intelligent design and science from a Christian point of view.

“The club wanted a speaker that was a little different than the speakers they’ve been hearing in school,” faculty sponsor and math teacher Michael Mori said.

“Pretty much we were presenting that point of view as opposed to espousing it,” Mori said.

The topic of the first visit on Feb. 23 was DNA and the second on March 2 was about astronomy. The topic of the third meeting on March 9 was on the origin of life, and Nakamura showed a video of Fazale Rana, Ph.D., arguing the Creation Model at UC Santa Barbara. The fourth meeting on March 23 was about the origin of humans.

Mori said Nakamura isn’t an expert on the subject of intelligent design, but he “knew Nakamura had a passion for the subject.”

“He’s an educated person so he knows how to research, to look into things,” Mori said. “He’s more of a very interested participant.”

“They appreciate it because while they’ve been at school they’ve been getting a one sided view of things,” Mori said. “Because they’re also Christians, they get this other side at church.”

“I find any and all conversations about these subjects helpful and interesting, because it forces me to think,” Robby Mack ’10, a Muslim and a believer in the creation model attended Nakamura’s speeches.

“It provides me an opportunity to learn, discuss, think, and discover for myself,” Mack said.