Seniors to retreat in Big Bear

The senior class will head to Big Bear in June for a year-end retreat, Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra said.

Salamandra met with Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts and retreat point person Kate Liebman ’09 Thursday to discuss the duration of the trip, as well as transportation and financial logistics and student interest before giving final approval to the proposal.

The proposal has already been approved by the planning committee and meetings with Salamandra and Huybrechts have occurred regularly for the past month. 

As it currently stands, seniors will leave for one or two days after the history final on June 2 and skip the next day of finals, as no seniors take a non-AP English course.

The Prefect Council began intensely working on the retreat a few weeks before winter break, and although it tried to create a retreat for earlier in the year, AP classes created too many conflicts. Senior Prefect Liebman took charge of planning the senior retreat.  

“I think there is a certain nostalgia for the carefree and fun retreats we all participated in at the Middle School,” Liebman said.