Junior picks NCAA winners, earns parking spot of choice

By Emily Khaykin

Last month, Chelsea McMahon ’10 won a prize that could save her a lot of walking.

In March, the Social Committee created a competition to pick the winners of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. The winner of the competition would be able to choose his or her parking spot next year. About 140 people entered, but McMahon, who describes herself as “a huge hockey fan,” ended up winning.

Not knowing much about basketball, McMahon based her choices off tidbits of information she heard.

For example, she said, “I picked Michigan State because my uncle went to the game and was rooting for them.” The team she picked to be champion was North Carolina, because she “heard someone saying that they were doing really well this season.”

McMahon also selected teams based on their record during the season and their rankings.

“I never picked UCLA for anything because I’m a USC fan,” she added, laughing.

McMahon will submit her parking spot decision to security guard Sanders Jackson.

“I have a lot of options right now, but I’m leaning towards the one right next to Taper,” she said.