Outreach Performers act, sing at care home

Rebecca Katz

Members of the newly-formed club, Harvard-Westlake Outreach Performers, sang and acted at the Vista del Sol care center, a nursing home in Culver City on Dec. 15.
“I’m very excited about the performance and having everyone get to show their talents and entertain the people there,” club founder Tiggy Menkir ’14 said.

The ensemble of 13 dancers, actors and singers hold practices on Sundays to prepare for shows that give back to the community.

“The people are just so happy to have young people there performing,” faculty advisor Chris Moore said, “One of the things that attracted me to this, was bringing all of the talents that the kids have here to a group of people that don’t get to go out and have that opportunity.”

Moore found a short play by Thornton Wilder, “The Happy Journey,” that the group performed. Four individuals also sang and Covi Brannan ’15 and Morganne Ramsey ’14 showcased a slam poem.

“I want to have as many different kinds of members with their own various, unique talents, and we can all collaboratively work to produce a great show,” Menkir said.

HWOP is planning another show before the end of the semester and to resume the club next year with a bigger cast and more elaborate plays.

“It’s just to give some of our actors, singers, dancers and performers another venue to express themselves and have fun performing in front of another type of audience, and also just to give back to the community,” Moore said.