35 paint mural at elementary school for community service

Chronicle Staff

By Hana Al-Henaid

Approximately 35 students and two faculty chaperones helped students at Broadway Elementary school paint a mural on May 16. The event was organized by Jackie Feiler ’10 and Jaqui Lee ’10 with help from the Community Council.

Although the event was organized by Feiler and Lee, neither of whom are Community Council members, they advertised their event through the Community Council to increase the participation in their event.

Erin Moy ’10 was the Community Council member contact for the event. Moy sent out and collected liability forms for the event and also participated in the mural painting.

Although Feiler and Lee were the student coordinators for the event, they were informed about the service opportunity through P.S. Arts, an organization that helps bring art to public elementary schools.

Sal Greenberger ’09 participated in the mural painting event, although she had already completed her community service requirement.

“I’ve always tried to take advantage of community service opportunities,” Greenberger said. “I enjoy messing around with paint and I thought it would especially meaningful to work with kids.”

History teacher and Department Chair Katherine Holmes-Chuba and history teacher Nini Halkett volunteered to chaperone the event. The mural featured an open book on which Holmes-Chuba wrote important events of 2009, including “President Obama” and “Twilight”.