Scene Monkeys bring last laughs to Rugby

By Ashley Halkett

The Scene Monkeys made audiences laugh for the last time on Friday, May 16, giving their two final shows of the year in Rugby Theater.

“With the last show, I’ve never felt more accomplished,” Lauren Bailey ’09 said. “It was tearful.”

As an improvisational comedy troupe, the Monkeys played games like Storybook, where performers invented scenes based on lines from a fake fairy tale made up on the spot by a reader, and Four Way Dubbing, where different people were voices for each other.

One of the biggest laughs came when the Monkeys played Teen Movie in their second show, in which Nick Merrill ’09, playing a dorky gimp who wanted his first kiss, pursued Serena Berman ’09, the sidekick of popular girl Bailey. The game ended with the quasi-kiss between Merrill and Berman, who both leaned in with open mouths and tongues hanging out.

For the seniors, their final shows were an amazing culmination of all their work at the Upper School, Bailey said.

“Our last show was everything, handled with care,” Nick Lieberman ’11 said.