Team Building

By Seth Goldman

Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas sawed pieces of wood that would become part of a new house. Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts joined golf coach Kim Hieatt and Sports Council chair David Hinden as they put the roof on a new home. Athletic trainer Robert Ruiz spent the day hammering nails.

This was part of a Habitat for Humanity trip that this group of teaches and coaches took to Monrovia on April 25. The trip was the first in a new program developed by Hinden in which teachers and coaches work together on a community service project.

“The idea is to have a regular way for us to get together while doing something useful for the community,” Hinden said.

Ruiz, Hieatt, Barzdukas and cheerleading coach Kelly Vernon joined the group of teachers in the first such community service trip.

Hinden said he plans for a community service trip once a semester from this point forward.

“The group had a great time,” Barzdukas said. “It was fun getting our hands dirty and building something worthwhile.”